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God asked me to acknowledge three things before I started his book God's Wisdom.

1. Respect for the work I give you

2. Discipline to follow through

3. Growth to grow your soul

I pray I have been obedient to his requests.  



The goal of everything I write and produce is to epitomize the triumph of the human spirit.
We humans are so fragile, but with some sense of divine spiritual direction, we are resilient. I believe humans are absorbed with the "ego mind", which is the illusion of reflecting the true identity of the soul. But when we awaken to I AM -- you are me, we are us and us are them, the clarity of this awareness unifies us to manifest what was divinely ordained for us to do on Earth. When we awaken to this knowledge, we can look at all the detours where the mind is leading us. Eventually we return to our divine path. I encourage all my brothers and sisters to enter the school of silence and graduate with honors. The voice of God's wisdom will enlighten your being and instruct you how to live in the glory of divine love and grace


God's Wisdom  and Reclaiming Heaven are divine blessing bestowed on me when I entered the school of silence.
Reclaiming Heaven documents the journey I had to take before I was able to hear God. The books are for all humanity, devoid of gender, race, religion or political affiliations. My work focuses on the triumph of the human spirit and nothing more. No chills or thrills just straight talk. I create projects to embrace humanity with strength, trust, and the belief there is something divine for all of us to do on Earth. It depends on what each of us is listening to. What we hear in our internal dialog will set our feet on the path to accomplishing what we were sent here to do.