​The power and forthrightness that emanates from the words in this book is without question " Living Waters " ( its meaning from the NLT Bible John 4: 10 - 14 , John 7: 37 - 39 ) Upon reading this book " God's Wisdom ", the words instantly began to resonate with my soul . The Holy Spirit speaking from within had my full attention. ...Un-answered questions that baffled my mind for years, were being revealed leaving me with absolutely no lingering questions.............What i love the most about this book is it's all inclusiveness, universal oneness, for all who have ears to hear, let him/her hear.......NONI OLABISI



This book is very down to earth and powerfully candid as the writer intimately invites you to journey with her through glimpses of her life experiences from early childhood curiosities, spiritual growth, to her vulnerability to shares one of her most deepest hurts and pain, and then on to the revelations of forgiveness. Simply remarkably beautiful and brilliantly written. What I found so profoundly special about this book was her willingness to share so openly, and the invocation to healing, was effortless, self examination was already in affect ........... This book is filled with tools for transformation for " Reclaiming Heaven "NONI OLABISI

THOROUGHLY ENJOYED THE BOOK… Inspiring! Jemela writes with style & humor and besides her wisdom that feeds the soul, her words paint pictures & music… totally engaging. I was completely absorbed by her thoughts and experiences. An enlightening & inspiring read!

MR. P.

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