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The 50s was an era when Orange Soda Pop and Kool-Aid was the refreshment of choice. Shirley and Lee rocked our radios with their number one hit, “Come On

Baby Let The Good Times Roll" (, and the police patrolled our communities on foot, and actually looked out for us! Things have changed, so it so hard to believe that such a time actually existed in America.

I remember those days very well, and I have shared some of my stories in this anthology. I’d like to invite you to do the same. Let’s give humanity and the newer generations a dose of truth that can do some good! Perhaps we’ll begin to read less of the daily horror stories of man’s inhumane acts toward one another. 

If that was before your time, ask your parents and grandparents, your aunties and uncles, what they remember about those days, and help them to write and share their stories with us. 

Be a part of making a change! Please send your story in Word format to:

In light and love,

Jemela Mwelu


​​​​​FIVEFEETNINE PRODUCTIONS, INC. is an organization created with the vision to sustain itself and produce quality work. I am proud to announce that we are now fully focused on making that a forceful, ongoing reality. We are expanding the scope of our endeavors to include the creation of well-crafted films. The proceeds from the films will be funneled into various community projects. The first project is LEVEL GROUND a co-ed Vocational Training Center. The Center is focused on working with At-Risk youngsters, to encourage and empower them with the tools and techniques to pursue professions that will allow them to be solvent, independent contributors to their communities. The first center is located in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and will also serve as the national headquarters. All Staff training will be conducted there. It is my goal to replicate the program in other cities. 

There is an Anthology in the works entitled 
WHEN BLACK LIVES MATTERED. It is a compilation of stories

told by our elders from around the country, who remember the days of Community Policing. The time period encompasses the 50s, primarily. Back then, we were not as consumed with self-hatred and overwhelming mistrust for the officers who took care of the communities. The anthology will be available in hard copy as well as an online in Kindle format. It is time that we re-employ the concept of “EACH ONE, TEACH ONE”, to help eliminate the violence and hatred that is so rampant today in our communities. 

As a creative writer, my intention is always to create work that uplifts and sustains the human spirit. My great hope is that the words I write will become a guide to wisdom that will fortify your heart, and bloom in your soul. The film projects are created in similar service. 

I am actively connecting and collaborating with creative types who can provide varying skill sets (i.e., PR, advertising, event planning, etc.), as needed. It allows me to contribute to the larger community, by offering gainful employment. 

I am determined to do all I can to transform my dreams into reality!  

 In light and love!