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These books energize, inspire, and make you want to share nothing but good news!

My books promote good health,

budding friendships, some serious

soul searching and opens the door to

slow down a bit and create time to

talk to Father/Mother/God.


GOD'S WISDOM  Who is God? Where is God?--Carlos M. Diaz

Today I finished reading Jemela Mwelu's inspiring and thought-provoking book -- God's Wisdom. She writes simply, beautifully and offers a conception of God that I think many people will relate to and embrace.

For example, she writes: " I AM love only, pure and simple. There is nothing more that needs to be expressed. If man looks around with spiritual eyes all MY love can be seen as expressed through something as small as a seed that keeps bringing forth food and beauty with every blossoming season....I AM only One. I and I AM all in One. You cannot separate yourself from the creator that made you. I AM You and You are Me."

How refreshing and empowering to know that God is and has always been so near --- that his manifestations are all around us if we care to see them and acknowledge them! The book is full of many pearls of wisdom like this one. Please read it! You will be glad you did. Thank you Jemela

RECLAIMING HEAVEN  Be Prepared To Be Surprised!-- Jack Burnett

Reclaiming Heaven, the title bodly presusposs that a Heaven was lost or destroyed or stolen and, therefore, had to be reclaimed. Then I thought, the counter point of "heaven" is "hell" and, who would want to keep that assignment?

So, with all of my presuppositions firmly in play, I opened "Reclaiming Heaven" and begin to take what I supposed was a hellish journey... I was not ready for this style of writer. In all my imaginings , fully expecting hell at the gate, I was greeted by a wide eyed little girl as my spiritual guide.
Not sense reading Claude Browns "Manchild In The Promise Land" have I been pulled into a page tuner as presented by Jemela Mwelu. Having effectively crushed all of my preconnotions notions about the book, I had to read it again, from end to beginng. It is is true, you really can't judge a book by it's cover.

"Reclaiming Heaven", I've to be an instruction book on spiritual regeneration and rebirth and is not gender-specific. Oh, yes my friends, you're going to. appreciate this one.